Cheri Beasley for North Carolina –


Expanding Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care

For too many North Carolinians health care is too inaccessible and unaffordable, from high prescription drug prices to a lack of local hospitals or clinics. This problem has been magnified by COVID-19, as the pandemic laid bare disparities in our medical system that have existed for generations. Cheri believes that whether you live in Chapel Hill or Cherokee every North Carolinian must have access to quality affordable health care. 

Shortly after her twin sons were born, Cheri and her husband Curt learned their children would need several surgeries, treatments and doctors’ visits. Even though they had to fight with insurance companies and pay steep out-of-pocket costs over the years, Cheri and Curt consider their family lucky to have gotten their sons the care they needed. But Cheri believes luck should not determine if and when you can see a doctor.  

Cheri supports expanding the Affordable Care Act with a public option, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions. She will support Governor Cooper’s efforts to expand Medicaid and will work to increase resources for rural hospitals and health care providers.

Cheri will also fight to protect and expand access to women’s reproductive health care services and supports federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Strengthening Our Children’s Future

Cheri believes that our classrooms should be places of opportunity for all children to realize their abilities, pursue their dreams and gain the skills they need for 21st century jobs.
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Creating Jobs and Growing Economic Opportunity for All of North Carolina

Cheri believes we must make targeted investments in creating and growing good paying jobs, workforce development and expanding economic opportunity for all North Carolinians.
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Supporting Small Towns, Rural Areas and Agriculture

Cheri believes that there has never been a more important time to invest in improving the quality of life, educational opportunities and economic stability of our rural communities.
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Standing Up for Women’s Rights

As a working mother, Cheri knows firsthand the challenges women can face in the workplace. As Chief Justice, she took action to establish a family leave policy for court employees to ensure people could take care of their families and be successful in their jobs.
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Taking On the Climate Crisis and Protecting Our Environment

Cheri believes that tackling the climate crisis is imperative to our health, economy, and security, and the consequences of inaction are already hurting the people of our state.
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Protecting Our Fundamental Right to Vote & Strengthening Our Democracy

Cheri believes that the right to vote is among the most sacred rights in our democracy, and every eligible voter should be able to register, cast a ballot, and have that vote counted.
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Honoring Our Veterans, Servicemembers and Military Families

Cheri believes that we have a sacred duty to the men and women who serve in our armed forces as well as their families and the communities who support them.
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Keeping North Carolina Communities Safe

Cheri believes that everyone deserves to feel safe in their homes, communities, houses of worship, schools, and workplaces.
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Reforming our Criminal Justice System

Cheri believes that we must take action to reform our criminal justice system, ensure equal protection under the law, protect civil liberties, and strengthen public safety.
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Improving Housing Affordability

Cheri believes that home ownership and high-quality affordable rental housing are critical to families’ and individuals’ economic security and well-being.
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Fixing our Immigration System

Cheri believes that America’s broken immigration system has been ignored for too long. Instead of playing politics, our leaders must focus on solutions that will fix the system and reflect our American values.
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