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BREAKING: NC TV Stations Take “False” NRSC Attack Ad Off the Air

Rare Removal of TV Ad Shows Just How Far GOP Will Go to Smear Cheri Beasley

RALEIGH: In a rare move, North Carolina television stations removed an attack ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee because it contained “false” statements about Cheri Beasley’s record and the ad is no longer running on air.

As reported by CBS News, television stations removed the ad due to its “false statement and language,” saying they “will not run the ad when it contains a false statement on material issue. This ad has been removed from airing.”

“Washington Republicans have been caught lying about Cheri Beasley’s record and their false attack was rightfully taken off television. Voters know Cheri worked with law enforcement to hold violent offenders accountable, and she will continue to keep our communities safe as North Carolina’s next U.S. Senator,” said Dory MacMillan, Cheri Beasley for North Carolina Communications Director.

Recent polling shows this race is statistically tied, which is why Republicans are spending millions on false, misleading attacks that are so egregious, they have now been removed from North Carolina airwaves.

Cheri has a proven record of upholding the Constitution, working with law enforcement to keep communities safe, and holding violent offenders accountable. As a judge, more than 98 percent of her rulings were upheld and the United States Supreme Court agreed with her rulings in every case that came before the Court. Independent reviews of her record as a judge found that she was “independent,” “thorough, fair, and even-handed,” and “fair, impartial and free of political bias.”