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Campaign Updates

Cheri Beasley, Law Enforcement Officers Launch “Law Enforcement for Beasley”

RALEIGH: Candidate for U.S. Senate Cheri Beasley joined current and retired law enforcement officers at the Durham Historic County Courthouse to launch “Law Enforcement for Beasley,” a group committed to electing Cheri to the Senate. At the launch, Cheri shared her commitment to partnering with law enforcement in the Senate as she did over for over two decades as a judge and highlighted bipartisan actions she would take to strengthen public safety and fund law enforcement.

Cheri stood shoulder to shoulder with members of law enforcement over two decades as a judge – just like she will as a Senator. 

Clarence Birkhead, Sheriff of Durham County, spoke about how he trusts Cheri to fight alongside law enforcement and he trusts her to “fight to protect our due process rights, ensure we have the funding and resources we need to keep communities safe, and be a true partner to law enforcement in the Senate.”


Kent Winstead, Sheriff of Franklin County, discussed how Cheri has always had the backs of law enforcement, and said “what else can you do but look at her record and see how fair she’s been to all the citizens of Franklin, not only Franklin County, the state of North Carolina.”