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Cheri Beasley, North Carolina Law Enforcement Launch “Law Enforcement for Beasley”

Cheri Introduces “Common Sense Connections,” Highlighting Measures to Support Law Enforcement She’ll Fight for on Day 1

DURHAM: Today, candidate for U.S. Senate Cheri Beasley joined current and retired law enforcement officers to launch “Law Enforcement for Beasley,” a group committed to electing Cheri to the Senate. At the launch, Cheri shared her commitment to partnering with law enforcement in the Senate as she did over for over two decades as a judge and highlighted actions she would take to strengthen public safety. 

“I’ve worked closely with Cheri for decades and I know we can count on her. I trust Cheri to fight to protect our due process rights, ensure we have the funding and resources we need to keep communities safe, and be a true partner to law enforcement in the Senate,” said Clarence Birkhead, Sheriff of Durham County. “Members of law enforcement need an advocate in the Senate, someone we can count on – and that’s Cheri Beasley.” 

“When she was Chief Justice, I always knew Cheri had our backs. That’s the kind of person you want representing you in the Senate – someone you know is on your side,” said Kent Winstead, Sheriff of Franklin County. “She’s the real deal. While politicians like Congressman Ted Budd talk a good game about supporting law enforcement, Cheri actually has the track record to back it up.”

“For over two decades, I partnered closely with law enforcement to hold violent offenders accountable and I know their service and sacrifice to our communities,” said Cheri Beasley. “In Washington, I’ll continue to stand with law enforcement to keep our communities safe, just like I did as a judge.” 

Throughout this campaign, Cheri has shared her message of being an independent voice for North Carolina and working across the aisle to get things done. Today, she’s announcing initiatives she would support starting Day 1 to strengthen public safety and support law enforcement officers. Cheri will continue to highlight measures she will support as part of a series called “Common Sense Connections” on key issues impacting North Carolina, including veterans, agriculture, and workforce development. 

To support law enforcement and strengthen public safety, today Cheri highlighted several legislative goals as Common Sense Connections, including:

  • Protecting Due Process Rights for Law Enforcement. Cheri will support measures that protect the due process rights of law enforcement officers to ensure they have a fair process, the opportunity to review the facts, and a right to defend themselves when faced with an investigation that could impact their careers and families.
  • Appropriating Funds for Agencies to Improve Training to Keep Officers and Communities Safe. Cheri will join Republicans to secure funding for local law enforcement to train officers on de-escalation tactics, alternatives to use of force, and responding to behavioral health crises.
  • Helping Small and Rural Police Departments Address Officer Shortages. Cheri will work to secure targeted federal funding so small and rural police agencies can recruit and retain qualified officers at higher wages to better address public safety needs. 
  • Funding Local Community Violence Prevention Programs. Cheri knows we must halt cycles of violence within our communities and will work across the aisle to protect and expand funding for community violence intervention programs at high-levels – including street-, hospital- and school-based outreach that target high risk individuals with tailored social services. 
  • Providing Funding and Assistance for Law Enforcement Agencies to Support Officer Mental Health. Cheri will partner with Republicans leading on this issue to ensure officers and first responders have access to evidence-based mental health treatment for conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Targeting Funds to Combat the Opioid Crisis. Law enforcement officers have been on the frontlines of the opioid crisis, and Cheri will commit to working with Republicans to ensure local agencies have the resources to investigate unlawful heroin, fentanyl, and prescription opioid traffickers.