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Congressman Ted Budd Has 99 Problems … And We Can’t Choose Just One!

A Non-Exhaustive List of Reasons Congressman Budd is an Unelectable Washington Insider 

  1. Congressman Budd is beholden to corporate special interests.
  2. He “took advantage of his position” to take “lavish trips” across the country “funded by outside groups.”
  3. He has voted with Club for Growth’s positions 98% of the time, including when it hurt North Carolina. 
  4. Club for Growth propped Congressman Budd up by spending around $14 million to get him through the GOP Senate primary.
  5. He even won an award from Club for Growth for being a good lackey. 
  6. Remember those trips we just mentioned? Club for Growth spent nearly $15,000 on trips to take Congressman Budd to an “ultra-posh” resort in West Palm Beach.
  7. Of Congressman Budd’s “expensive trips paid for by benefactors,” a nonpartisan political analyst said “when politicians talk of ‘the swamp,’ this is exactly the kind of thing they’re referring to.”
  8. Congressman Budd’s record is under scrutiny for putting himself and special interests before North Carolina. 
  9. He took corporate donations from Big Oil one day before voting against a bill to ban price gouging at the gas pump. 
  10. He took corporate donations from Big Pharma and voted against lowering prescription drug costs. 
  11. Within days of voting against a bill to lower prescription drug prices, “he had received thousands of dollars from pharmaceutical industry political action committees.”
  12. Congressman Budd also “repeatedly sided with payday lenders, payday lenders repeatedly filled his campaign coffers.”
  13. Congressman Budd sided with big banks over North Carolinians, voting to let banks charge sky high fees for credit card purchases, which led the National Retail Foundation to call him a “pawn for the banks.” 
  14. While Congressman Budd voted against relief for North Carolina families and businesses during the pandemic, his family’s business took a $10 million federal PPP loan.
  15. News outlets highlighted Congressman Budd has a pattern of putting special interests before people, saying “this is not the first time Budd has sided with oil and gas industry donors over the interests of his constituents,” referring to his votes against a ban on offshore drilling and a tax plan that slashed taxes for oil and gas companies.
  16. Congressman Budd regularly puts party politics before North Carolina and refuses to work across the aisle.
  17. Congressman Budd was ranked in the bottom 10% of Congress for bipartisanship.
  18. He voted against the bipartisan CHIPS Act, which will boost American manufacturing of semiconductors, lower costs, and help us compete with China.
  19. In the middle of a nationwide infant formula shortage, Ted Budd voted against a bill to help the FDA address the crisis.
  20. He voted against a bill that would have capped the monthly cost of insulin to $35/month–refusing to lower costs for nearly 13% of North Carolina adults with diabetes. 
  21. Congressman Budd voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which provided North Carolina with $7.2 billion for highway and road repair, $910 million to improve public transportation, $1 billion to expand broadband access, $1.1 billion for clean and safe drinking water, and so much more. 
  22. He voted against the bipartisan gun safety compromise, which both of North Carolina’s Republican Senators supported. 
  23. At the beginning of the pandemic, Congressman Budd was “among a minority of Republican legislators” who voted against the bipartisan Families First Coronavirus Response Act that ensured Americans could access free COVID-19 testing, enhanced unemployment benefits, food assistance, and emergency paid sick and family leave.
  24. His vote against an offshore drilling ban came even as more than a dozen coastal mayors, coastal communities, and 200 businesses opposed offshore oil drilling.
  25. Congressman Budd’s out-of-the-mainstream positions are a major liability.
  26. Politico noted how Congressman Budd’s extreme agenda and decisions “to remain firmly to the right are riskier in their closely divided states.”
  27. Congressman Budd voted against protecting access to contraception even though more than 90% of Americans support it.
  28. Congressman Budd voted against protecting same-sex and interracial marriages, once again showing he is dead-set on rolling back our constitutional rights. 
  29. He supports a total ban on abortion, even in the case of rape, incest or to save the mother’s life, a position 90% of Americans oppose
  30. He voted against certifying the 2020 election – a move which was highly criticized across North Carolina. Editorial boards are still blasting Budd for not taking “accountability for his own actions — which include echoing Trump’s lies about the 2020 election and being one of 147 Republicans who voted against certifying the election results.”
  31. He voted against the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would safeguard the freedom to vote for marginalized Americans facing discrimination.
  32. Congressman Budd opposed the For The People Act, which would improve voting access, strengthen voting rights, get dark money out of politics, and so much more. 
  33. Congressman Budd supports efforts to raise taxes and is bad for business.
  34. He supports the “major points” of Senate Republicans’ plan that would raise taxes on 40% of North Carolinians. 
  35. He whole-heartedly supported the 2017 Republican tax law that slashed taxes for the wealthy and corporations and will raise taxes on 53% of Americans by 2027.
  36. Budd’s vote against the bipartisan CHIPS Act was a vote against good-paying jobs and lowering costs in North Carolina.
  37. Budd’s vote against the bipartisan infrastructure bill was a vote against good-paying jobs in North Carolina. 
  38. Budd voted against the bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill, which included specific provisions to boost North Carolina’s hemp, cotton, and textile industries, as well as protecting North Carolina livestock. It also included funding to support veteran and minority-owned farms
  39. When many small businesses were struggling to keep their doors open during COVID-19, Congressman Budd voted against extending bankruptcy relief for small businesses.
  40. Congressman Budd supported a plan to increase taxes for 56.3% of small business owners in North Carolina, imposing tax hikes of $1,800 on average.
  41. Congressman Budd opposes affordable health care for North Carolinians. 
  42. Congressman Budd opposed expanding Medicaid in North Carolina, which would provide health care coverage to more than 600,000 North Carolinians and create 37,000 new jobs in the state.
  43. Congressman Budd wants to repeal the Affordable Care  Actwhich provides affordable health care to nearly half a million North Carolinians.
  44. He voted against a drug-pricing bill that would lower prescription drug costs by holding big pharma accountable and making way for generic drugs. 
  45. Budd even voted against increasing funding for rural health programs, which received bipartisan support.
  46. The 2017 tax bill that Budd supported massively raised the budget deficit, and put Medicare and Social Security at risk long-term.
  47. He once again abandoned North Carolina seniors by voting for a budget resolution that included $473 billion in cuts from Medicare over 10 years.
  48. Budd supports Rick Scott’s plan to allow Medicare and Social Security to automatically expire every five years if not reauthorized by Congress.
  49. He also supported the American Health Care Act, which would have allowed health insurance companies to charge older North Carolinians five times more than younger people for health insurance
  50. Congressman Budd has repeatedly turned his back on veterans.
  51. Congressman Budd voted against raising service members’ pay
  52. The same bill Congressman Budd voted against included $34 billion for defense health programs, including for cancer and traumatic brain injury research and sexual assault prevention. 
  53.  In 2019, Congressman Budd voted against a spending bill that would have funded continued disability compensation for 5.3 million veterans and survivors, education benefits for nearly 1 million veterans, as well as vocational rehabilitation and employment training. Not to mention providing funding for key health initiatives like mental health, opioid abuse, suicide prevention.
  54. He voted against the National Defense Authorization Act, which provided $215.8 million in military construction funding for North Carolina military installations.
  55. If that wasn’t enough, earlier this year, Budd voted against the Honoring Our PACT Act, which would expand access to health care and benefits to roughly 3.5 million veterans exposed to burn pits and give Camp Lejeune families the right to seek monetary relief due to harms from water contamination. 
  56. Veterans know they can’t trust Ted Budd. In Charlotte, a group of veterans called Budd’s original vote a “slap in the face.” 
  57. Bill, from Rural Hall, bashed Congressman Budd for originally voting against the Honoring Our PACT Act, calling it a “no-brainer” and urging his fellow veterans to remember his vote in November “when they will be bragging about their support for veterans!
  58. Eric, a vet from Rowan County, says Ted Budd “is part of the problem in our messy time” and noted Budd “has no real solutions nor a track record showing he can work with people who might.”
  59. Charlotte veteran Willie Fleming called out Budd for “threatening North Carolina’s veteran and military families’ benefits through their refusal to raise the debt ceiling – putting their hypocrisy on full display along the way.”
  60. Congressman Budd’s personal business record is a major liability. 
  61. Congressman Budd presents himself as an ally of farmers having grown up on a family farm himself, but he “omitted a key chapter” of his family’s involvement in a detrimental business deal “which ended in a bankruptcy case that cost farmers millions of dollars in losses.”
  62. Scott Scheuerman, a farmer caught in the middle of the Budd family business bankruptcy, said “We got screwed and there was not a freaking thing we could do about it. There was no way to fight multimillionaires. We were the little guy. We were just a number, and they could care less about us.” 
  63. Congressman Budd has a record of voting against protecting our environment. 
  64. Congressman Budd has voted repeatedly against legislation to protect our air.  
  65. He also voted against the PFAS Action Act, which allows the EPA to clean up sites across the country and provide $200 million in funding for water utilities and wastewater treatment to help ensure clean drinking water is available.
  66. Budd voted to reduce funding for environmental agencies and causes, stripping them of their ability to effectively mitigate the effects of climate change. 
  67. Further, according to the League of Conservation Voters scorecard, Ted Budd has voted pro-environment 0% of the time in 2021 and just 3% overall.
  68. Congressman Budd is running a weak campaign.
  69. Cheri Beasley has “dramatically outpaced” Ted Budd when it comes to fundraising.
  70. Outlets continue to note how Budd’s second quarter fundraising in 2022 “was less than one-third of the more than $7.4 million that Beasley” raised.
  71. Reports highlight that “Budd’s campaign has also gotten a big boost from outside spending.”
  72. One nonpartisan political analyst noted “Ted Budd has run a quiet campaign. It’s almost bordering on silence.”
  73. Budd struggled to break out from the pack” in the messy GOP primary, and only did so with “substantial help” from outside spending groups. 
  74. Budd got slammed by Republicans after he skipped all four Republican primary debates.
  75. During the primary, there was even “speculation that former president Trump has grown to regret his early endorsement of Budd.”
  76. Former President Trump, even noted what an unelectable candidate he is, mentioning how poorly Budd was doing until he endorsed him.
  77. Senator Burr, who Budd is hoping to succeed, questioned Budd’s electability saying “Budd is not as strong in a general election as former Gov. Pat McCrory.”
  78. After Trump endorsed Budd, a North Carolina Republican strategist questioned the choice, saying Budd was a “losing horse” that would “have a problem in the general.” 
  79. Former Governor Pat McCrory said that he believes Budd faces an “extremely difficult race” and questions whether “Republicans can pull off a victory” against Beasley.
  80. In fact, former Pat McCrory still hasn’t endorsed Budd after their messy primary.
  81. Voters are speaking out against Congressman Budd for failing to stand up for the people of North Carolina.  
  82. Paul from Greensboro called out Congressman Budd on his lack of action to curb gun violence saying “we must elect candidates who believe in reasonable gun control.”
  83. “Congressman Ted Budd has consistently pointed fingers while doing nothing to serve his constituents…Instead of working to address the biggest concerns of North Carolinians, he’s more focused on doing anything he can to advance his own political ambitions and enrich himself,” said Gayle, a senior from Henderson County.
  84. Clyde from Randolph County busted Congressman Budd for voting against a bill to address the infant formula shortage saying, “It is appalling that my own Congressman is more interested in using North Carolina families’ struggles for his own political gain.”
  85. Gayle from Henderson County called out Congressman Budd for supporting an agenda to end Social Security and Medicare programs, emphasizing “North Carolina seniors and persons with disabilities who rely on Medicare or Social Security can’t afford Congressman Ted Budd in the U.S. Senate.”
  86. Craig from High Point spoke out against Republicans not standing up for children’s safety in schools and advocating against gun reform, saying Congressman Budd “doesn’t really care if this cycle goes on and on, as long as he can cash the NRA checks.”
  87. Diane from Salisbury noticed that Congressman Budd didn’t participate in ANY Republican primary debates saying, “Apparently he thinks that being endorsed by the former, twice-impeached president is all the voters need to know in order to earn their votes.”
  88. Diane from Salisbury also slammed Budd for being a candidate so “smug as to think he is above the need to debate important issues with his opponents in order for the voters to make an informed decision.”
  89. Beverly from Hickory bashed Republicans for being in support of the “sanctity of life,” saying “Sanctity of life? Hollow words from those who allow people to die without health care, to go hungry and homeless, to be slaughtered by weapons meant only for war.” Republicans like Congressman Ted Budd “have the blood of those children on their hands.” 
  90. News outlets statewide are pointing out that Congressman Budd is an-of-touch Washington insider.
  91. Triad City Beat noted how Congressman Budd is “off the rails” and outlined how he has “been leaning even harder into extreme positions that, simply put, North Carolinians do not like.”
  92. The News & Observer editorial board highlighted how Congressman Budd “has largely avoided any mention of the election lies he once boldly supported.” They continued that “Budd should be frank with voters and tell them where he stands” and that “silence isn’t a sign of leadership — it’s a sign of cowardice.”
  93. Speaking of the January 6th insurrection, the Charlotte Observer noted how the GOP “hoped we’d forgotten” their party’s involvement and also condemned Congressman Budd for “downplaying” it and calling the insurrectionists “patriots.” 
  94. The Charlotte Observer also called out Congressman Budd’s hypocrisy on calling for “transparency and accountability,” noting he “voted against certifying the [2020] election results” and claimed the insurrection was “just patriots standing up.”
  95.  A Capitol Broadcasting Company editorial criticized Congressman Budd for the millions of dollars in outside spending he’s received throughout his Senate campaign, noting “should North Carolina be led by officeholders who are more beholden to outside forces with an agenda that has little to do with what’s best for the state and its people?
  96. The News & Record Editorial Board slammed Congressman Budd for voting against a bill that would protect same-sex and interracial marriage saying “there’s nothing more to say about North Carolina Republican Reps. Ted Budd…except shame on you. You say you represent the people. Roughly 71% of Americans support same-sex marriage, including most Republicans.”
  97. The News & Record called out Congressman Budd for voting against the bipartisan gun-safety compromise, noting there is a “moral commitment from local, state and national leaders to address gun violence honestly and urgently.”
  98. The Capitol Broadcasting Company Editorial Board also blasted Congressman Budd for voting against the bipartisan gun-safety bill despite “broad support among voters.” They noted that “it’s not hard to understand Rep. Ted Budd’s opposition” because he has “a direct financial interest in the legislation,” as he “sells guns for a living.”
  99. The News & Observer Editorial Board said that Congressman Budd “clings to Donald Trump like a barnacle.”