Cheri Beasley for North Carolina –

Campaign Updates

MEMO: After Outraising Congressman Budd Three-To-One, Beasley’s Momentum in #NCSEN Grows

Cheri Beasley has cemented the North Carolina Senate race as one of the most competitive battlegrounds on the map with a winning message, a robust fundraising operation that beat Congressman Ted Budd by a whopping three-to-one margin in Q2, and a savvy campaign that knows how to win in tough election cycles.

Cheri Has Cemented #NCSEN Among Most Competitive Battlegrounds on Map

A former judge who spent over two decades upholding the Constitution and working with law enforcement to hold violent offenders accountable, Cheri will hold Washington accountable too. She’s unafraid to take on both parties to do what’s right for North Carolina, including bringing down costs and capping the price of prescription drugs like insulin. Cheri will lead with common sense and independence to stand up for the people of the state.
In the weeks since the May primary, public polling, fundraising data and outside spending all confirm that Cheri is a candidate who can win North Carolina – and Republicans know it, too:

Congressman Budd’s Record Under Scrutiny, Running Lackluster Campaign

Congressman Ted Budd is a deeply-flawed politician and even members of his own party have called him a “weak” candidate because they know his record as a corrupt Washington insider who rewrites the rules to help himself and the special interests that fund his campaign. 

BOTTOM LINE: Cheri Beasley has made this race a top pick-up opportunity as a uniquely qualified candidate who will stand up to corporations and both parties, which is why she is earning unmatched support and this race is in a dead heat. Congressman Ted Budd is running a lackluster campaign and is struggling to earn support as a deeply-flawed candidate with a record of rewriting the rules to help himself and special interests at the expense of North Carolinians.